CS:GO pro stuns viewers with insane Vertigo wall-bangs

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  CS:GO, much like many other FPS esports, has a specific spectator mode in which enemy outlines are visible to the viewer, so they can better contextualize events and understand the set ups the teams are using. The professional players are not able to see the enemy outlines in the same way the viewers are.

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  STOMP had a sniper rifle out in the thirteenth round, and perfectly lined up a ‘wallbang’ shot on a Nemiga opponent, all the way through elevators, firing two shots, hitting the first?and only narrowly missing the second after the enemy began to retreat.

  If this wasn’t crazy enough, STOMP then re-positions, and perfectly lines up another shot through a different wall. Both the players he tagged escaped with their lives, but on considerably less health than if he hadn’t hit the back-to-back blind shots.