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Food CMC

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★ Thickening: CMC can produce high viscosity at low concentration. It also acts as lubricant.

★ Water retention: CMC is a water binder, helps increase shelf life of food.

★ Suspending aid: CMC acts as emulsifier and suspension stabilizer, particularly to control ice crystal size.

★ Film forming: CMC can produce a film on the surface of fried food, such as instant noodle, and prevent absorption of excessive vegetable oil.

★ Chemical stability: CMC is resistant to heat, light and mold.

★Physiologically inert: CMC as a food additive has no caloric.

Examples of application

Ice cream: 
★CMC can mix freely with milk, sugar, emulsifier and other ingredients.
★It brings glossy surface to the ice cream.

    ★It helps control ice crystal size and improves mouthfeel.


★CMC makes the yogurt stabilized and prevents sedimentation. 
★ It increases shelf life. 
★ It improves mouthfeel. 


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